True Story
I was an operator, I went to church, I wasn't too bad! But then someone asked me a question!


I was a good boy and loved by my parents. But I certainly did things that were not right. I was an operator, I went to church, and I wasn't too bad. I knew what sin was for sure and then one day when I was eight years old I was asked if I knew for sure I was going to Heaven when I died. I think it was that point-blank question, "was I sure" that started working to make me think.

God began to work in my heart and then at a revival service I was confronted with the question again and I responded. One of my uncles shared the Gospel with me and I was saved.

Right away I began to have a joy and peace that I had not known before. I began to grow by desiring to know more about God's Word. It opened up to me a new world of life that has brought me to love Jesus Christ and serve Him.


Are you a good person?  How would you answer that question?  Do you know for sure? Let's chat!

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