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"I talked back to my parents, gossiped and spoke badly about others, and ..."

Amber -  A Newly Wed  - NC


I lived in a Christian home, my parents were Christians, but I was a condemned sinner.  I went to church and even sang some, but then one night during our Fall Revival, God started tugging at my heart. I remember getting emotional and starting to cry. I left my pew and went forward where I bowed and immediately told God that I was a sinner and had done many things that I knew were wrong. The pastor came and prayed with me and then led me as I asked God for forgiveness of all my sins.

I asked God into my heart that night and shortly afterwards was baptized.


A real change came over me after I received Christ as my personal Savior. I was such an independent young girl before, thinking only of myself. I talked back to my parents, gossiped and spoke badly about others, and even cheated on my school assignments and tests.

But after my salvation, I wanted to please God and do things that were pleasing to Him. I began singing at age five, but now I could sing for Him and I loved it. I still continue with my singing ministry to this day.


I was recently married and now I enjoy my life serving the Lord.


Are you like Amber was before her salvation? Are you selfishly living for yourself, putting down others and disrespecting parents? If so, let's chat!

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