True Story
I was living my life the way I wanted, and hurting those around me. But then God showed me how He wanted me to let Him live His life through me."

Steve – Church Custodian – FL
As a young boy, I was raised in church and heard the Gospel preached on a regular basis. But, I was lying, stealing, cheating and sneaking around behind my parents by the age of eight.  Then right after turning nine, I was at a revival meeting when I became terrified of the thought of spending eternity in Hell.  So, I responded, admitted to God what a sinful little boy I was and asked Him to save me. 
But then during my teenage years, I was living my life the way I wanted and hurting them around me. I fell away from the Lord due to the temptations of alcohol and pleasures of the flesh.  This lifestyle led me to my first marriage and we had two children. but I was unfaithful and soon a divorce came.  My life then became extremely hard as I hit the lowest point in my life. I had messed up and as I reached out to the church, I was led to believe that the Lord could never use me again because of my past.  It was during that time that the Lord picked me up and moved me back to the place where I grew up and back to my home church. There I began to establish a new relationship with my home church and God as He showed me that I could be used for His Glory again.  I have now been married to a Godly woman for twenty years and I speak two or three times a week telling others of God's love and forgiveness. 

Are you living your life the way you want to and not the way God wants?  Are you feeling like Steve was, thinking that God can never use you?  If so, let’s chat!

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