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One of Those Questions

What on Earth
Is God Doing?

          Why don’t rocks talk?
          Why don’t worms have legs?
          How does Wi­-Fi work?
          If God is so big, how can He be inside of a person?

Have you ever been asked one of those questions by a little child that just kind of leaves you stammering for a coherent answer? Parents and older people often resort to one of those very generically safe answers: “That’s a very good question; Are you hungry?” Or, “That’s just the way God decided  to do it...”

 Adults have questions that seem to defy coherent answers too.

           Why doesn’t God do something about the rampant violence and terrorism?
           Why doesn’t God send a leader that can guide our nation and our world to order, decency, and morality?
           Why won’t God help me to conquer the wrong thoughts, wrong feelings, or wrong habits that I have unsuccessfully tried to change?
           Why does God seem to be so far away when I need Him?

God is not bothered by our questions. He delights in us wanting to know Him and coming to Him with those things that are beyond our grasp. As we look at our world today in relation to God and those things that truly matter, questions crowd into our minds demanding satisfying answers. God is not bound by limitations as we are, but He does have a plan in operation at this moment. He can make sense and order of the chaos in our lives, our souls and our world.  He can give answers that satisfy!

We invite you to carve some time out of your busyness and let God answer some of those soul troubling questions you have. BBN Bible Institute has a great course to guide you to some of God’s answers. It is 50100 What on Earth Is God Doing, taught by Dr. Renald Showers.

We hope at the top of your goals for 2014 is the determination to make more time for God’s word. We are here to help. We have 115 more courses available to you at no cost. Select one to guide your studies and then tell a friend about us.         

Written By:   Shannon Dyess    Date Posted:  1/22/2014 2:06 PM
Number of Views:  4160

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