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What You Do...
What You Do...
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Can you imagine what the "Welcome Home" will be like for Bible teachers the moment they reach Heaven, those who gladly devoted their entire lives to the study of God's Word? Some are already there, others are still laboring with love for their Savior, and are still helping us to learn and love His Word better ourselves. Many of these great Bible teachers are hardly known in secular circles, yet are very well-known to believers and even more so in Heaven! But the Lord Himself told us it would be this way. He said, "But many that are first shall be last; and the last shall be first" (Mt.19:30). One such Bible teacher is Dr. David Allen, well-known Bible Conference speaker and pastor of Calvary Baptist Church in Hazel Park, MI for over forty years. 

Dr. Allen is now with the Lord, but was a great Bible teacher who believed in expository preaching and teaching. He is the instructor for two of our BI courses: 50900 The Rapture and 31900 Galatians (  It is very difficult to find any information on Dr. Allen today, though he faithfully ministered for the Savior all his life, yet many have prospered spiritually under his ministry. One of those who so prospered is another of our Bible teachers, Dr. Charles Wagner, who sat under the teaching of his pastor, Dr. Allen for many years. Both of these men are now with the Lord, but their legacies live on in the students of the Word they are mentoring, even in their physical absence here!

Robert Murray McCheyne, the great Scottish preacher of past, lived his life so as to be missed.  He lived only 29 short years on this earth with only 13 of those years in service to the Savior. The length of our lives are not the important thing, but what we do with the life we have. The way to make our lives count for time and eternity is to spend them in service to our Savior. These men of God gladly gave their lives in service for Him, so that we can benefit from their studies. As we learn, we can also pass along the benefit we receive from them to others. The great thing about the study of the Word of God is that the benefit derived from studying it is eternal! We joyfully pass along this tremendous opportunity to you, so you in turn can do so to others. We certainly hope that you will!

Written By:   David Wyatt    Date Posted:  1/31/2014 4:40 PM
Number of Views:  3940

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