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Like A Blow Torch

 Want to hear God?

“Sometimes the truth of Scripture is a candle, bringing warmth and comfort; other times it is a blowtorch, cutting through steel.  Sometimes it is a warm crackling fireplace; other times it is a raging forest fire.  Sometimes the Word tosses a firecracker of truth into our hearts that rattles our windows and jolts us awake; other times it sends armored tanks rumbling and crashing right into the living room of our hearts and minds.” *

God speaks to people through His word. If we want to hear what He has to say, we must read and hear His word. Are you reading, listening? In Biblical times when Samuel was a boy (and prior to his life time), Scripture records “the Word of the Lord was precious in those days; there was no open vision.” What an awful time in which to live, no revelation from God. But God began to speak to Samuel and the Bible says: he let none of God’s words fall to the ground. Evidently, others before him ignored God’s words or treated them as if they mattered no more than a silly Facebook post. So, it’s no wonder we read just a few verses later in the passage, “the Lord revealed Himself to Samuel… by the word of the Lord.” The prophet Jeremiah tells us in his prophecy that when God spoke to him, God’s words were a source of great joy to him. God still speaks today, but we have to listen and we must give attention and interest to what He is saying. The writer of Psalm 119 asked the Lord on numerous occasions to incline his heart to His words. When he did seek, search, obey and believe, he found that God’s words brought to him enlightenment, guidance, understanding, victory over sin in his life, and hope. He was so excited about the difference God’s word had made in his life that he wrote: “My heart stands in awe of your word; I rejoice at your word as one that finds great spoil (treasures).”

Summer is a great time to make time for a Bible study. You can study online with us at our BBN Bible Institute. It is at no cost to you and you can study at any time day or night. You can study at your home computer or away with your laptop, iPad, tablet, Kindle, or smartphone. Make time to hear God teach you great truths from His unchanging word, the Bible.

Your friends will appreciate you sharing this good news with them.

* The Banquet Table of Consequences, Dr. Stephen Davey

Written By:   Shannon Dyess    Date Posted:  6/25/2014 3:15 PM
Number of Views:  3862

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