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What Does the Future Hold?

What Does the Future Hold?

An aircraft carrier was gliding through the Ionian sea not far off the coast of Sicily and all its planes had taken off. Not too far behind it was a guided missile cruiser carrying out routine operations, so the carrier called to the cruiser to go into the position so as to guard any planes that may have had trouble landing and quickly recover a pilot in trouble. As the cruiser turned to go into this position, the carrier also turned so as to be headed into the wind so that the planes could land more  easily. What was a routine operation became a terror at sea when for whatever reason, simple safeguards were either missed or ignored, the carrier and the cruiser rather than heading in the same direction with one behind the other, were actually headed on a collision course into one another! They soon collided and thousands of gallons of jet fuel from the carrier poured into the huge boilers that powered the cruiser and the explosions that followed were beyond explanation. As noted earlier, simple safeguards could have easily avoided the disaster that cost the lives of several men on both ships, while others were badly injured and many others went overboard. The point to this true account is that just as the men on these ships had no idea that they would soon be in that frightening situation, we never know what may be awaiting us just around the corner so to speak. Yet the Word of God, though it does not tell us what is in our own personal future, it does indeed tell us what God has planned so that we can be prepared to meet whatever may come! The BBN Bible Institute offers at least 2 specific courses that deal with the issue of future events, courses11100 The Doctrine of Future Events and 11500 Five Future Events, both taught by Dr. John F. Walvoord. If these interests you, or you believe a friend would be interested in knowing what God’s Word teaches concerning the future, or other essential truths, tell them about the BBN Bible Institute,, which is all free of charge with over 100 courses offered!

Written By:   David Wyatt    Date Posted:  7/7/2014 4:14 PM
Number of Views:  5433

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