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His Name Is...

His Name Is...

What’s in a name? Our name says much about us: who we are, what we represent; it identifies what we do, how we live, our abilities and even our character. If the name Adolf Hitler is mentioned, it calls to mind prejudice, hatred, and death. If the name, Moses is called, many think of leadership, the 10 commandments and Bible history.

Isaiah the prophet wrote of Jesus’ coming 700 years prior to His arrival in the manger. Isaiah said His name would be called Wonderful. Why? What does that name mean? What would that look like in our world and in our lives? His name Wonderful speaks of Him being marvelous, amazing, awesome, and it tells us of His excellence and greatness and of His power and wisdom to do the miraculous. This name sets Him apart from the human and the normal. It exalts His Deity and omnipotence. Again and again in the Gospels you read how people were awed when the elements of nature quietly and immediately obeyed His commands; believers and scoffers gawked in wonder when demons cowered and quietly acquiesced to His authority; crowds were awed at His spoken words at how powerful, indisputable and gracious they were; the minds of his followers were filled with amazement at His resurrection from the dead; and multitudes marveled at his touch when the deaf heard, the mute spoke, the crippled walked and the dead rose to life.

This doesn’t just speak of Him at another time and another world. Oh no- He is ever the same! He still does the improbable, the impossible, the miraculous, the amazing and the awesome!

No wonder His name is WONDERFUL! Remember, rehearse and relish His excellence, greatness and awesomeness this Christmas season.

Enjoy our all Christian Christmas music through December 31 ( and introduce a friend to BBN.

Written By:   Shannon Dyess    Date Posted:  12/23/2014 1:01 PM
Number of Views:  3848

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