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Father Time
   Father Time

A boy at the age of only 9,
Turned to speak to Father Time
Mr. Time, said he, you move to too slow!
Into a man I'll never grow!
Can't you speed your pace up some?
‘Cause the older kids hog, all the fun!
With twinkling of eye and a nod Time said,
Little son, one day you will understand.

At age 19 the same young man,
Spoke to Father Time again.
Time, he called out, life is so grand!
I am having such fun, just like I had planned.
Keep up this pace, for it suits me just fine,
But the best thing of all is that you are all mine!
Father Time, with somber eyes then replies:
Son you are in for a sob'ring surprise.

Fast forward now, to age 39,
A grown man faces, old Father Time,
Father Time, he said, please check on your pace.
For it seems I am always, in a rat race!
My days are all gone in only a wink,
Weeks and months – all gone at a blink!
Then Father Time, with sad voice, and lower
Said, my son I've not the power to change or to go faster or slower.

Age 59 now, and completely mature:
Father Time, cried our man, In this life nothing is sure!
Sometimes you're much faster and at others so much slower!
One moment comes rejoicing,
And the next moment comes sorrow!
Father time then nodded,
And he even seemed pleased.
Then he said, with a nod, you are beginning to see.

At 79, with snowy hair white and fine,
He put on his glasses to see Father Time,
Friend, said he, My days are but gone,
Now I can see they were only on loan.
Tomorrows are never a promise at all,
For the young, for the old, for the large, or the small.
Father Time spoke again and at last with a smile:
My dear son, look closely on my great ancient dial.

For so rare it is when the lesson is learned.
Life can't be bought, or traded, or earned.
The Lord up above is over all things,
And only he knows what tomorrow may bring.
Here but a moment, like a vapor or a flower,
No mortal below knows their day or their hour.
So spend life with much caution, and then understand:
Father Time changes not, and can wait for no man.

                        by Ron Doring (c) (Used by Permission)

Written By:   Shannon Dyess    Date Posted:  1/2/2015 2:48 PM
Number of Views:  3684

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