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Bag It Up!

Bag It Up!

This is the perfect time to bag up last year’s procrastination or missed opportunities and put them out on the curb with this week’s garbage.  Set yourself some new goals for learning more of God’s Word! 

A famous preacher found a note on his pulpit when he stepped up to preach. He read it to the crowd: “God doesn’t need your learning.”  He profoundly responded: “Friend, God doesn’t need your ignorance.”

In our world a great deal of emphasis is placed upon education.  However, learning has been declining at an alarming rate.  People want to be entertained in learning.  We are being spoiled by the speed of disposable knowledge that is instantly available at the mere pressing of a thumb on a phone or the flick of a finger on a keypad.

Knowledge is different from wisdom, but knowledge is the necessary foundation for wisdom.  Knowledge is the accumulation and recall of facts, whereas, wisdom is the understanding of the facts and the application of them to a situation at hand.  There is also a distinct difference between worldly wisdom and godly wisdom.  God puts no premium upon ignorance.  The more we learn the more potential we have for wisdom, and the greater our opportunities can be in serving God.

Solomon, the renowned sage of Scripture, received wisdom as a gift from God (that gift is also available to you, Prov. w:6; James 1:5).  He had to spend a lifetime of learning, researching, cataloging, meditating, and memorizing in order to lay a proper foundation for future application and counsel.

Let’s not be caught up in our world’s current of trivial thinking.  Let’s not be guilty of basting our brains in the foul slime of Hollywood, nor wasting much time sampling temporary pleasures which have no eternal value.  Solomon laid a foundation for wisdom by becoming proficient in entomology, ornithology, zoology, botany, poetry, hymnology, and Theology.

We invite you to take advantage of the 117 courses available to you here at BBN Bible Institute.  Pick a course or select another course and begin immediately to lay more foundation for more godly wisdom and future service for God’s glory.

Written By:   Shannon Dyess    Date Posted:  1/8/2015 3:30 PM
Number of Views:  3335

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