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One Breath Away...
One Breath Away...

Life is so brief.  One instant can change everything.  Truly every one of us is one breath away from eternity.  Sitting in my office at our headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina, the quiet atmosphere was invaded by sirens.  I looked out my window to see lights flashing, medics and police officers surrounding a body lying in the street.  Busy traffic was halted as the person was being attended.  Was it a man or boy, woman or girl?  Was it the end of a life, a life altering accident?  It is times like this I wonder: did anyone ever get to that person to share the Gospel?  Will he or she spend eternity in heaven or hell?

Often a person doesn’t get a chance to examine their soul after a moment of tragedy to see if they are ready to meet God.  That is a question we need to ask now before our time is cut off by accident, sickness, or time.  Have you yet realized that you are a sinner in the eyes of the holy God of heaven?  Has anyone told you that His word says the wages of sin is death?  Do you know there is only one way anyone can be right with God and enter His presence?  It is not “doing better,” giving more, helping others, membership in some church, or being better than most others you know.  God in His holiness demands perfect righteousness. None of us can meet this standard, and He will not change the standard. But He did make a way for us to meet the standard. What must you do to be right with God? You can have your sins forgiven, your guilt and shame erased! You can have a new destiny and a new destination! But you must come on His terms.

Have you yet come to God on His terms?  If you are concerned about this, then go to this link: How to Get to Heaven or speak with someone on live chat at BBN Bible Institute is the perfect place to study the Bible on your schedule, any time, any day.  You can get the teaching and training you need to grow in your faith.

Life is brief, now is the best time to turn to Christ. Today is the best time to begin to study His word and today is the right time to share Christ with a friend.

Written By:   Shannon Dyess    Date Posted:  4/6/2017 11:26 AM
Number of Views:  3120

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