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Another trip to the creek...
Another trip
            to the creek... 

Each morning Marco would read his Bible at the table mimicking his grandfather’s daily habit. Seated at a small table in their modest, mountain home, Marco questioned him: “I try to read my Bible like you, but it is hard to understand and I do not remember what I have read. So, why should I continue?”

With patience and the wisdom of years, the white haired saint picked up a blackened basket that he had used to carry potatoes from his garden. “Son, take this basket to the creek and bring me back a basket full of water.”

Eager to please, Marco ran to the nearby creek and dipped the dirty basket into it and returned.  When he arrived the basket was empty. “You must move quicker!” the old man said as he sent him back to the creek. Again Marco filled the basket and ran to get the water to his grandpapa.  But upon arrival, there was no water in his basket.

“You must try again, you have not run fast enough!” said Grandpapa with a serious face.

Tired, sweaty, and frustrated, the barefoot boy ran his fastest. But again, the same result. “See it’s not working,” Marco whined, “what’s the use?”

“Marco,” Papa said, “Look closely at the basket and tell me what you see.”

Puzzled the boy examined the basket. “It’s clean, all the dirt is gone!”

“Ah, you are correct my son.  This is the way studying God’s Word works.  As you read there may be much you do not understand or remember.  But as you continue, God’s Spirit will work, and your mind and soul will be made clean.”

We here at BBN Bible Institute applaud your efforts to study your Bible and we encourage you to make another trip to the creek! In John 15:3, Jesus has said to us: “You are clean through the Word which I have spoken unto you.” As you study God’s Word there will be other benefits as well, things like: encouragement, guidance, joy, faith and hope. Why not select another course so you can continue your studies that Christ may continue His purifying work in your life!

Written By:   Shannon Dyess    Date Posted:  4/20/2017 10:58 AM
Number of Views:  2657

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