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90 Year Old Graduate!

90 Year Old Graduate!

No kidding, Bertie Gladwin, graduated with his Master’s degree from University of Buckingham at age 90! He had dropped out of school at age 14, but in his late 60’s decided to return to school. When asked why he went back to school, he commented that he had a continuing desire to learn.

BBN English Bible Institute currently has enrolled 600 teens and 1,801 students who are 80 years and older with with 45,803 students sandwiched between these two age groups. Likely, most of these have enrolled because they have a desire to continue learning. What better thing to learn than the Word of God? If you are 13 years or older and have a desire to know God’s word better, we invite you to select a course and begin today.

Here are 3 courses for your consideration. Which will you select?
    How we got our Bible -
01100 The Bible, From God to Us
   Bible character - 40800 Jonah
    Prophecy, end times - God’s judgment for Believers - 52300 The Bema Seat

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Written By:   Shannon Dyess    Date Posted:  5/4/2017 3:39 PM
Number of Views:  2679

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