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Ten men ostracized and quarantined because of incurable cases of leprosy hollered out at Jesus as they saw him from a distance, “Jesus, Master, have mercy on us!”  Jesus paused, and called back, “Go show yourselves unto the priests.”  

 The social disease control policy of that day was to go appear before the priests and see if the communicable disease had evidence of healing. If so, the person would be medically cleared to re-enter free society.

 Jesus spoke that they were healed.  All ten were amazed at their good fortune and speedily turned to go to their priests.  It dawned upon one of the ten that he had been miraculously healed.  He returned to find Jesus. Before he was in Jesus’ presence he loudly exclaimed praise to God.  He got in front of Jesus and laid face down in the dust to show profound humility and to voice his sincere thankfulness.

 Jesus questioned the grateful, social misfit: “I thought there were ten of you; where are the other nine?”

 You have to believe the other nine had some gratitude.  They bound to have expressed to one another some appreciation, and thought they would return later and voice their sentiments of thanks.  But we never read of them doing so.

 Has God used the Bible Institute to help you in your knowledge of Him?  Have you been inspired, encouraged, changed, or equipped by your studies in His Word?

 Some of your friends and family, some at your work and in your church, need to hear how God has used BBNBI to bless your life.  Don’t keep it a secret!

 Will you be one out of ten who will return to give God glory?  We would be pleased to receive an email note from you and hear of God’s grace in your life and how He has used the BI to bless your relationship with Him and your service for Him.

Written By:   Shannon Dyess    Date Posted:  8/29/2008 3:05 PM
Number of Views:  5165

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