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We Are in A World of Debt!

Yes, it is true, we at BBN are in deep debt, though we are feverishly working daily to pay it off. Yet, it seems that the closer we get to paying off this enormous debt, it just keeps getting larger. We are not making excuses, but just to let you know that we are aware of this tremendous need. You may be asking yourself what this great debt is all about, this huge debt that we are in. The BBN Bible Institute has a course that will explain it all to you. The course is number 40400. The title of this course is A Study of Paul and it is taught by Dr. Stuart Briscoe in the BBNBI at

To make it very clear what this debt is all about, here is a question from a lesson in this course: The world needs the message that we have, so that puts us in debt to the world. We believe all BBN BI students know the answer to this question! The debt that we owe is a Gospel debt. Though it may sound much less serious than a monetary debt, in reality it is far more serious since it deals with the eternal rather than the merely temporal. We who are saved are in debt to the world to give them the Gospel, since there is no other way for men, women, boys and girls to be saved from eternal loss. It is true that we at BBN are feverishly working to get this eternal life-giving message to the world, but it is a labor of love.

We do recommend this fine course to any prospective or active BBN BI students. There is all the more motivation to take this course now since you already know the answer to one of the test questions! May the Lord bless you as you study His Word and learn about what made the Apostle Paul tick, as Dr. Briscoe puts it.

Written By:   David Wyatt    Date Posted:  9/8/2008 2:50 PM
Number of Views:  5527

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