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Listen to this! Can you believe that a poor lady who had two sons first lost her husband at a relatively young age, then lost both her boys to death? Then this lady became so bitter about it, that she changed her name, and would you believe what she changed it to? “Bitter!”

That’s not all, her pagan daughter-in-law loved her so much that she stayed with her through thick and thin and finally married an older man who gave her a grandchild! She loved this grandson so much that all the neighbors said it was like he was her son!

Well, that’s just one interesting case. Here’s another one. A young fellow who was a dreamer, so angered his brothers that they actually wanted to kill him! He was wrongly accused of a crime, and thrown in jail. Yet this same young man grew up to eventually become a world leader! He was such a great leader that he was able to save his own country from financial disaster as well as the country he grew up in where his family still lived. His family was forced by sheer need to move to the country where he was serving and they met again! What finally happened is so amazing I can’t even put it into words!

I think I have time for one more. Did you hear about the beauty contest winner that foiled an attempt by a wicked scheming world leader to wipe out an entire race of people? Amazing, but true! If you are a BBN BI student, you very likely know exactly who these people are, don’t you? Yes, sure enough, it is Naomi and her converted pagan daughter-in-law, Ruth, in the first account. The second one is of course Joseph and his brothers. The last one is the riveting account of Esther and the wicked schemer, Haman, found in the Book of Esther. These accounts don’t even begin to scratch the surface of the great Bible characters we have to study in our free online BBN Bible Institute. These courses are found in the 40000 Division in the BBN BI at We trust they will be a blessing to you.

Written By:   David Wyatt    Date Posted:  10/6/2008 3:55 PM
Number of Views:  5291

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