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Are We There Yet?
As a boy when we loaded up the old Chevrolet to travel a distance it was quite an ordeal...
With six children and mom and dad and a trunk full of luggage we filled that old four door sedan.  I remember we wouldn’t be too long gone before someone would ask:  “Are we there yet?”  My dad, a patient man, would cheerfully respond, “We’ve a ways to go, sit back and enjoy the ride.”  That would be just the beginning of that question and answer being tossed back and forth from back seat to front seat.  You know how kids are.
I thought of that question while pondering on how many students we have enrolled in the Bible Institute.  Thousands have begun the journey of study, but let me ask you—“Are we there yet?”  Have you finished all 102 courses?  Have you felt that exhilarated sensation of accomplishment?  Can you see the end coming into sight through your front windshield?  Maybe you are thinking: “We’ve a ways to go, sit back and enjoy the ride.”
If you are not careful you can become distracted or sidetracked.  Maybe you began with the intent of only taking a few courses of interest.  Why not set your sights for the big finish?  Maybe you began with excitement but ran out of gas a ways down the road.  Don’t give up!  Worthwhile things always demand time, work, persistence, and sacrifice.  We want you to be one of those who can point to the Diploma hanging on your wall and say with the deserved pride of accomplishment:  “I MADE IT!  I got there sooner than I thought I would.”

Written By:   Shannon Dyess    Date Posted:  9/15/2008 4:23 PM
Number of Views:  5234

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