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In the Midst of a Crooked Generation

The apostle Paul and the early believers in the first century were under Roman rule for the most part. The Roman emperor, Nero, lived and reigned in Paul's time and is still considered among the most wicked rulers. Yet, Paul, imprisoned for no other reason than his faith in Christ, was able to write from the Mamertine dungeon to the Macedonian believers (and us by extension!) to rejoice alway, and again I say rejoice!" (Phil.4:4) Why? Because he was in Christ, and as he said in Acts 20:24, none of these things move me!! What things was he referring to? No doubt in context, it was the chains and tribulations that awaited him. Yet the Lord used these things for His glory when, after being beaten mercilessly though officially uncondemned by Rome, Paul and Silas along with other believers were singing praises to the Lord while bleeding there in the prison!! The Scripture simply says that the other prisoners "heard them." This signifies that they were listening with "rapt attention!" Why? Because these believers, like their wonderful Savior before them, while on the cross, did not revile His tormentors, but prayed for them, so these men did not complain but praised God!! (See 1 Pet.2:21-25)

As these men sang praises to God, the jailer saw they had something he didn’t have, and asked them how he could be saved! We today have a similar opportunity to point hurting people to our Savior as we focus on Him and let Him shine through our lives in these ever-darkening times! We who know Christ have an amazing opportunity to use the signs of the times to help sinners to see their need of the Savior who loves them so.

The BBN BI offers a course taught by Dr. Charles Wagner titled The Signs of the Times, course numbered 51600, to help us see our opportunities in these days. We trust many will take advantage of these God-ordained opportunities to be a witness for Christ!

Written By:   David Wyatt    Date Posted:  11/10/2008 3:08 PM
Number of Views:  5116

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