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Valid Reasons Not To Rejoice!

As we enter what we have come to know as the Thanksgiving Season, we will examine some things that we believe are some Biblically based reasons not to rejoice, or some things that we as believers are not to rejoice in at any time.

 One of those things is a brother or sister’s misfortune. The Bible teaches that believers are brothers and sisters in Christ, and have come to be placed into the Body of Christ. Therefore, we are all members of the same body. (Rom.12:4-5) Just as we would not rejoice if we lost a leg or some other appendage, in the same way we should not rejoice when a brother or sister suffers a loss. The parts of our physical body come together to aid the portion that is ailing and so it should be and even more so in the Body of Christ.

 Another valid reason not to rejoice is when God’s name is besmirched through a Christian's un-Christlike behavior. The flesh would desire to gloat over such a situation, thinking that we could use it as an opportunity to puff ourselves up and try to appear spiritual as opposed to the outwardly negative behavior of another Christian. The truth of the matter is, however, that none of us is above sin, and our fleshly behavior is no better than another’s fleshly behavior, no matter the outward veneer (See Rom.7:18; 1 Cor.10:12).  None of us have anything to boast of, except the Lord Jesus Christ!

 Finally, we must never rejoice in the fall of a brother or sister. As before, the flesh is sorely tempted to seek its own glory in the fall of another, but also as before, no one’s sin nature is any better or worse than another’s. If the great apostle Paul had to confess that in his flesh there was no good thing, I know there’s no need for me to even look at my own, seeking any good. Only in the cross of Christ can we glory, and therefore we must seek to abide in close fellowship with Christ in order to live for the glory of God.

 At this Thanksgiving season, we certainly have many things for which to give thanks to our God. One of the greatest is His Word that He has preserved so that we may know His will. The BBN Bible Institute staff desires to wish all of you a very blessed Thanksgiving season, and also that we all draw nearer our wonderful Lord and Savior than we ever have.

Written By:   David Wyatt    Date Posted:  11/26/2008 10:33 AM
Number of Views:  5308

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